Material Science

material_sci_mainMaterials science, also commonly known as materials engineering, is an interdisciplinary field applying the properties of matter to various areas of science and engineering.

Industrial Growth and Technological Science is mixed together to improve everyday's life. 


In Material Science domain, GNR could offer valid and reliable solutions for material testing and research

Building Materials

To ensure high quality production process, chemical and mineralogical tests are of great importance in building material production process.

Test of raw material and constant control during the blending process is necessary not only to ensure quality but also to offer new technological solutions and eco-friendly products. XRD Products could support testing phase in a consistent and reliable way. 

Minerals and Mining

The mining activity is probably the first one developed by mankind. We think about the mineral extraction and manufacturing of minerals for producing metals, pigments, pottery and manufactures.

GNR  is able to offer solurions for the determination of crystalline phase of raw materials through X-Ray Diffraction and elementary analysis through X-Ray Fluorescence.

Thin Film Metrology

X-Ray Diffraction is one of the most used techniques  for thin film analysis of semiconductors in the development and mass production of epitaxial, layer structured, micro and optoelectronic devices.

X-Ray Methods, as XRD, XRR and XRF, are powerful tools of critical materials parameters of epitaxial layers, heterostructures and superlattice systems. 

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